Monday, November 23, 2009

My splurge: a hot tub

So my partner and I are planning to get a jacuzzi! Well not really. We are looking into wooden hot tubs for our backyard.

Why something wooden? Jacuzzis used to be in style. Maybe in like the 80s it was cool to sit in one while watching MC Hammer. But not anymore. Environmentalism is in style. People have stopped using plastic bags and eat organic food. The "rustic" look is in. And so are hot tubs made of wood.

You might think that is disgusting. Well I'll tell you what: it isn't. This is how people naturally bathed three hundred years ago before the apperance of chemicals and artificial materials such as plastics. It might seem backwards. But trust me, after go in one you will change your mind. They look almost like barrels. The water is noticeably deeper, so the water covers more of your body and you have more legroom.

It is quite nice. I think we will place it in the backyard, next to our trees and hammock. You might be saying that it will consume a lot of energy. BUT NO! We have planned ahead; we will be getting a low-intensity electric heater. We buy our electricity from a wind farm, so it's all good.
Welcome to my blog. My friends and I are really big on environmentalism. Extremely big. We were in it before it was all trendy and cool.

Anyways many people proclaim to be green but in fact don't practice what they preach. That's why I created this blog, with a special focus on household issues.